Workshops & Events

Our workshops are designed to introduce you to tools that help you strengthen your connection with your inner guidance, take authority in your own life, and get you comfortable being your most real and authentic self.

Workshops are limited to small groups (6-8 people) and typically last an hour and a half. To be the first to know when a workshop is taking place, join our email list.

* NEW! Feminine Genius Workshop

Screenshot 2018-01-21 11.54.01Tuesdays in February and March, 6:30-8pm

$45-60 (sliding scale)

Join us for an inspiring and collaborative four-part workshop on Liyana Silver’s book, “Feminine Genius: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On.”

In this all-women’s workshop group, you’ll discuss, journal, and map your own path to embracing your feminine genius. Please bring a copy of the book and a journal. Light refreshments will be provided.

February 13 – Going to the Source

February 27 – Navigating Your Dark

March 13 – Embodying Your Genius

March 27 – Cultivating Your Light

Please note: Spaces are limited due to our location. Contact us ASAP to reserve your spot!

Workshop Series

Intuition 101

Learn basic tools you can use to gain more clarity, feel safer in the world, and rid yourself of unwanted energy from others.

Intuition 102

Discover how to move and clear energy that leaves you feeling stuck or small, and create a sacred space for yourself so you can tune into your inner guidance with more signal and less noise.

Intuition 201

Set more effective intentions for what you want to experience, learn how to handle attention (positive and negative) from others, and start interpreting the energy at work in your life.

Intuition 202

Learn how to balance overactive and underactive aspects of yourself, learn how to explore and experiment with energy in specific areas of your life, and decide when and how you want to be noticed.

Intuitive Journaling

Tap into your inner guidance with intuitive journaling. This workshop examines how to get your ego out of the way and start finding your own answers through writing.

The Midlife Awakening for Women

Midlife is a particularly fraught time for women as it often signals a lessening of our external presence and power as deemed by society.

In fact, midlife is a powerful time of awakening. Especially as women, if we are able to free ourselves from old programming, embrace our inner knowingness, and redefine ourselves (and the rules we play by), midlife is the time to move more fully into ourselves. This benefits us, the people around us, and the world at large.

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