Specialty Readings

Our energy and the energy around us shifts constantly. As things change–the seasons, our life circumstances, our age, our location, our job, the people that surround us, our goals–energy transitions accordingly.

Specialty readings are a way to focus on a specific energetic question and view it through all the lenses of your life. So, if you’re approaching a milestone birthday that has you feeling a little off your game, you can explore how you’re handling that energy in various aspects of your life and unlock ways to transform it into something more joyful and empowering.

Our specialty readings also include limited-time seasonal readings that resonate with the time of year. Fall and spring, seasons of transition, are especially powerful times for seasonal readings and can provide new ways of understanding and embracing your spiritual essence in the human plane.

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Women’s Readings

Women are experiencing a time of deep transition as collective feminine energy emerges to rebalance the masculine. As more feminine energy seats itself in a woman’s life, she can start to feel unanchored, depressed, discouraged, or purposeless. 

She may struggle with a lack of satisfaction in her experience, question if it’s possible to “have it all” (or question what that even means), daydream about other avenues she could’ve pursued or lives she could’ve lived, or feel a restless need for novelty, contrast, or change. 

In this reading, we examine how you relate to your feminine and masculine energy. We look at how your feminine energy operates in various aspects of your life, and how you can embrace what you’re needing to attract or create in your current experience. 

90 minute reading – $85

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Party Readings

Party readings are a fun addition to any gathering or girls’ night. We come to you and give lighthearted, joyful intuitive readings to you and your guests.

Party readings can be customized to your event theme, or just be a light, fun reflection of the people in attendance.

Please note: Readings should take place in a side room (to keep guests focused mainly on your event). We ask that you limit the readings to no more than 12 guests so that we can provide at least a 10-minute reading per person.

Party readings (2 hours) – $165

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