Intuitive Readings

You are intuitive.

Everyone is intuitive. And everyone has access to their own innate spiritual guidance.

But for many of us, our busy, stressful, modern lives don’t give us the space or time to slow down, soften, and hear that inner voice.

So, what’s an intuitive reading?

An intuitive reader acts as a mirror, reflecting the energies you are handling (like old programming, unquestioned assumptions, societal pressure, and interpersonal agreements) in various areas of your life.

These energy dynamics are transmitted as “pictures,” visualizations the reader receives from your own higher self and shares with you. In this way, you can explore aspects of your life where you feel stuck, unsettled, or directionless, and understand what’s keeping you there and how you can free yourself.

Is it a psychic reading?

Some people might call this a psychic reading. But being psychic has come to be associated with fortune-telling (predicting the future), mediumship (communicating with the deceased), and con artists. Psychics have also been regarded as special or “chosen.”

The fact is, intuition–the ability to receive information from your spiritual self–is a universal human trait. Therefore, we choose to call our readings intuitive as a way to emphasize the experience as empowering, validating, healing, and innately human.

Reconnect with your knowingness.

Intuitive readings not only reconnect you to your voice of truth, they also work on the collective level to reconnect the human experience with the spiritual experience. We are all spiritual beings sharing a human experience. In this way, intuitive readings empower both the client and our shared consciousness.

If you are seeking answers that go beyond your programming, if you are eager to find your way back to your inner truth, if you are curious to learn more about yourself on a deep and loving level, an intuitive reading is the adventure for you.

90-minute reading – $65

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