Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in my intuitive reading?

Readings last 90 minutes to give us transition time. We start with a 10-minute meditation to encourage calm, comfort, and relaxation. The next hour is spent looking at “pictures” in seven particular areas of your life: your connectedness to the earth, your sensuality and sexuality, your ability to manifest and create in the world, your affinity for yourself and others, your communication space, your intuition and ability to see, and your connection with your higher self or the god(dess) of your heart. Through these pictures, we examine the energy you bring to the table as well as the energy you handle in each of these areas.

All remaining time is open to your specific questions. We can dive deeper into the pictures we discussed, especially if there was something that piqued your interest, or we can look at the energy around new or more specific questions you’d like to explore.

Is an intuitive reading the same as a psychic reading?

We stay away from the word “psychic” because for many people, this can be a loaded term. Many people associate psychics with fortune-telling (predicting the future), mediumship (communicating with the deceased), or being special or “chosen.” We believe (and have experienced) that everyone has an inner knowingness that we call intuition. The only difference is how connected a person is to it.

Our goal is to help clients strengthen their connection to their source of inner truth and joyful expression of free will through a karmically-neutral intuitive experience.

What does “karmically neutral” mean?

Karmically-neutral readings limit outside energetic influences on you during the reading and remove any lingering energy following the reading.

If you’ve ever had a spiritual reading of any kind (tarot, palm, psychic, seance) and afterward feel a lack of closure, it’s often due to the fact that the experience was not energetically severed appropriately. In most cases, a reader may not understand the importance of ending the connection. In the worst case, a reader with full awareness may be manipulating clients into becoming dependent on them.

A karmically neutral reading is a technique that reinforces the authority you have over your life and allows you to fully experience the reading without any energetic “side effects.” The reading is yours. The pictures come from you. The way you interpret the information and the truth you find there is uniquely your own. In this way, you continue to exercise your sovereignty, free will, and fullest expression of yourself.

Do you see the future in a reading?

Intuitive readings do not focus on seeing the future. We believe everyone operates with free will to determine your own path and ultimate destination. Instead, we examine the energy in your life right now and explore how to transform it to support what you’d like to create in this lifetime. Intuitive readings are designed to bring a deeper, more resonant understanding of who you are, what is possible, and ultimately strengthen your own personal connection to your inner guidance.

Can you talk with the deceased?

We do not specialize in mediumship. While your pictures may show us how you are still affected by or handling energy of someone who has passed, we do not communicate directly with that person (or any other beings) to maintain karmic neutrality. We only  communicate with you via your inner guidance.

How should I prepare for a reading?

Finding a few moments to relax before the reading is the most beneficial thing you can do. (Even if that’s in your car, it’s still great!) Quiet your mind, breath deeply into your belly through your nose, and exhale slowly. We rarely breathe this deeply during the day, so if it feels uncomfortable at first, keep going. The deeper and slower you breathe through your nose, the more your body releases stress and your attention shifts to the present.

Do I need to come with a question in mind?

You’re welcome to bring a question or issue you’d like to look at during your reading, but it’s not a requirement. The first half of your reading will examine the energy at work in seven key areas of your life. The second half is open for you to dig deeper into the pictures we’ve discussed or ask any new questions you’re curious to explore.

I’m feeling nervous about my first reading. Is that normal?

It’s completely normal to feel nervous (or nervously excited) about your first reading because it’s a new experience! Remember: your reading is designed to strengthen your connection to your higher self. This part of you is unconditionally loving, gentle, and joyful, and will provide you with information that matches where you are and what you need right now.

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